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Digger & Driver Hire

If you are looking for digger and driver hire, you can find mini diggers with experienced operators for hire in the Kent, Surrey, Sussex and London areas for a competitive price with S&J Mini Diggers.

Mini diggers can be used for all kinds of construction jobs. Whether it is to dig up an uneven driveway, to dig the foundations for a new building, to clear an overgrown garden or even to start ground works for the new swimming pool that you’ve always aspired to have in your back garden for long, hot summers; a mini digger can get the job done much faster and effectively than you can with a spade.

To purchase your own mini digger, you would be looking at spending in excess of 25k on a basic mini excavator, so it makes total financial sense to hire a digger rather than buy your own.

We can provide both digger and driver hire to make sure that your excavation job is carried out safely, skilfully and with the right insurances to give you peace of mind.

There are a huge number of brands and types of mini diggers that can be hired to get your job done, and the digger you need will largely depend on the job at hand.

For projects that require a mini digger to fit through a standard doorway or gate, a ¾ tonne mini digger is the perfect piece of kit to excavate hard to reach areas or for working in space-restricted areas like residential gardens. The small size is the perfect solution for jobs that might ordinarily require digging by hand.

The fact that it’s so small and narrow means that it can easily fit through a garden gate without having to remove fence panels or damage brick boundary walls. The model on offer by S&J Diggers is also available with a concrete breaker which means it can be used to break up unwanted pathways or driveways in order for you to remodel your outdoor space.

Smaller mini diggers can be used to prepare your garden for all kinds of construction work, and it can be used to unload heavy items such as bags of cement or shingle that could otherwise cause injury if it has to be manually carried.

It can dig up to 1.8 meters allowing you to level out your garden or to dig space for the installation of hot tubs or swimming pools.

For projects that require a slightly more heavy-duty digger, S&J Mini Diggers can provide digger and driver hire with a 1.5-tonne model. This particular mini digger will fit through a 40-inch gap, making it suitable for residential garden spaces with wider access than a standard gate.

The mid-range size of this particular mini digger makes it a versatile piece of kit that can be used for a range of jobs within your project brief. The 1.5-tonne model is a popular choice as it can be used for utility works as well as general construction and landscaping.

It can be easily towed on a suitable plant trailer meaning that it can be moved between sites if needed for your project. It is extremely stable and durable with maximum digging power and it can also be used for basic tasks such as loading waste on to a skip, which can be incredibly time-consuming if you have ever tried to load concrete, soil or any other waste materials on to a skip by hand!

The 1.5-tonne mini digger will excavate up to a depth of 2.3 meters, making it perfect for digging space for foundations for the extension you’ve always wanted. With its concrete breaker, this digger will make fast work of getting rid of old pathways and driveways without causing damage to the surrounding area due to its lighter weight.

For larger construction jobs, S&J Mini Diggers can offer larger machines and dumper trucks. Mini diggers can range in size from 0.75 tonnes right up to 7 tonnes, meaning that there is a mini digger available for all your construction needs.

S&J Mini Diggers can advise you on what the most suitable machinery is for the job that you need doing. By gaining an expert opinion, this can actually save you money as you will be advised on the most cost-effective and time-effective way to get your excavation done.

All of our digger hires comes with an experienced operator. Our operators will have years of excavation knowledge, meaning that they will be able to safely manoeuvre the machinery in the space available and know what tools to use to get the job done without causing damage to the surrounding area.

All of our drivers and our equipment are fully insured, giving you the peace of mind that your project will get done properly with full knowledge of appropriate health and safety procedures.

If you are looking for mini digger and driver hire in the South East, contact S&J Mini Diggers for advice on what kind of digger your job requires. It is much safer to get a professional opinion and an experienced driver rather than to try to use powerful excavation equipment yourself.

Mistakes in mini diggers can be costly; not only to your own health and safety but also to your pocket if you do damage to your property or someone else’s property.

By hiring a professional driver and mini digger machinery from a reputable company like S&J Mini Diggers, you are getting not only quality machinery and experienced operators, but you are also getting the safety blanket of insurance, should anything go wrong. This is a much more cost-effective method of getting your excavation job done as we will be faster and safer at carrying out the job than someone inexperienced at heavy machinery operation.

We have a full range of mini diggers available and can advise on the most suitable pieces of kit for your project.


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