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Digger And Driver Hire Prices

Hiring a mini digger with an experienced operator is not as expensive as you might imagine. Mini diggers are a necessity to get your construction project underway. They are a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a range of tasks from digging up unwanted concrete driveways, to preparing the groundwork for your new extension and even to clear overgrown gardens for landscaping.

Digger And Driver Hire Prices

A mini digger can save hours of manual labour, which is great for your back but the time-effective nature of this piece of equipment is also great for your wallet as it cuts down on the number of labourers you need for your excavation works. A Mini digger can also be used to move bags of cement and other building materials, as well as be used to remove waste products into a skip.

The initial outlay for mini digger hire with S&J Mini Diggers also includes a qualified and experienced mini digger operator, who will know exactly how to manoeuvre the mini digger in the space available, which cuts down on potential damage to your site and therefore reduces potential time and cost caused by accidental damage. All of our mini diggers are fully insured and well maintained to the highest possible industry standards, which means that our mini diggers are much less likely to go wrong, therefore eliminating the headache of having to replace damaged or faulty machinery in the middle of a job.

Our mini digger and driver hire prices are a flat rate, meaning that you will never pay more than you expect to. With no hidden costs, you will know exactly what you are spending and how much it’ll cost if you wish to hire a larger mini digger or if you need your mini digger for longer than anticipated. Construction jobs can take longer than expected from time to time due to factors outside of the project manager’s control.

With our flat rate pricing structure, you will be safe in the knowledge that you can factor this into your budgeting without any nasty surprises. Our fees are inclusive of VAT, and when comparing our prices with our competitors it is always worth checking that their quote is inclusive of VAT.

Our prices also include insurance, should any damage be done to the mini digger or to the surrounding environment as a direct result of the mini digger’s operation. Additionally, our flat rate pricing structure also includes an experienced mini digger operator, who will be able to safely and effectively use the mini digger to get the best results for your site groundwork needs.

At S&J Mini Diggers, we have a large range of mini diggers in different sizes to meet your construction site needs. When evaluating digger and driver hire prices, it is worth checking that you are comparing prices for the correct size mini digger for your site. If your site is smaller or difficult to access, a smaller model of mini digger will be needed in order to access the space for groundwork.

Our smallest mini digger is the 0.75-tonne mini digger, which is the smallest mini digger available for hire on the market. This particular mini digger is small enough to fit through a standard door width or gate width in a residential property, making it perfect for the excavation of awkward to reach spots. While it is a small mini digger, smaller does not necessarily equal less powerful! The 0.75-tonne mini digger can dig to a depth of up to 1.8 meters and can be manoeuvred in the most difficult of spaces with the expertise of our skilled mini digger operator.

With a breaker attachment, the 0.75 mini diggers can also break through concrete and remove it into a skip, which saves a huge amount of manpower and time. It is still worth remembering though, that whilst the smallest mini digger will be a cheaper option, it may not be right for your site. This could mean that if you hire a mini digger too small, the job will take a lot longer and therefore cost you more. If you have a larger job, then it is more cost effective to hire a larger mini digger.

One of our most popular mini digger and driver hires is the 1.5-tonne mini digger. This digger can excavate up to 2.3 meters depth, which is useful for when utility work needed to be carried out as a part of your construction project. The 1.5-tonne mini digger is still relatively small and can fit through reasonably small gaps (of around 40 inches) so it can easily be used on an existing residential development where waste needs to be removed to a skip.

This mini digger is particularly popular due to its natural versatility on a working construction site. It is also possible to move the 1.5-tonne mini digger between sites fairly easily on a trailer, so this is a cost-effective way to use your digger and driver hire if you have multiple sites that require excavation. Like the smaller 0.75 tonne version, this particular mini digger can be used with a breaker, making it a good choice for the removal of old driveways, unwanted swimming pools or outbuildings.

If you are researching digger and driver hire prices, contact S&J Mini Diggers for a competitive quote for all of your mini digger groundwork needs. When comparing our prices with those of our competitors, don’t forget the full package we have on offer. Our prices are a flat rate with no hidden extras. VAT is included within the flat rate, so if you find a cheaper quote, it is worth checking that they too are including VAT within this.

The price we charge is also inclusive of insurance and an experienced operator who will safely and effectively use the machinery so that you can get on with managing your construction project without having to learn how to use a mini digger!


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