7 Jobs That Will Be Done Faster With A Mini Digger

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7 Jobs That Can Be Done Faster with a Mini Digger & Driver

Over the years, small-sized mini diggers (excavators) have become the favoured equipment in the construction industry. As excavators are pretty costly, most construction companies go with mini digger and driver hire instead of buying heavy equipment, as they are quite expensive. Mini digger hire offers a wide range of benefits, making construction jobs a lot easier and safer too, given the variety of tools that come with it.

Contrary to their name, mini diggers are large and powerful machines that require an experienced operator. So, when you think of a construction job requiring excavators, you would have to go with a mini digger and driver hire.

Here are the top 7 jobs that a mini digger and driver hire could do faster:

1. Garden Landscaping

Mini Digger and DriverWith the assistance of mini dumper hire, you could boost the speed of your garden landscaping work and demolish the wanted features and structures in your garden. Mini digger hire is popular for the garden and all forms of groundwork no matter how big or small your garden is.

2. Trench Digging and Drainage Channels

Mini digger hire is ideal for trenching and excavation jobs. You can dig trenches right next to the structures with mini diggers, without damaging them. These machines are compact and can easily manoeuvre through backyard fences and doorways for trench digging inside the structures and pose no harm to the pavement either.

3. Remove tree stumps

Tree stumps removal requires heavy equipment like mini diggers. They come with a special attachment for tree stump removal. Removing tree stumps is necessary as it can pose danger to children and adults. Also, bugs or termites that could enter your home could infest it.

Removing tree stumps by hand is not easy and often a futile effort. A mini digger and dagger hire could do it easily and quickly for you.

4. Demolishing small structures

Mini digger hire is the best option for tough ground and grass for a concrete foundation. If you are thinking to construct a large structure, you will need to dig footings. This process could take days by hand but will take less than a day with a mini digger, depending on the size of the required footings.

Also, they are great for demolishing older structures to make way for a new one.

5. Digging Holes

Mini diggers are compact and can effortlessly access small areas, unlike other heavy equipment. They can work in confined spaces as well, such as between buildings. They come with a powerful hydraulic system and auger attachment that can dig holes in tough rocky soil as well.

6. Digging a Pond

Digging a pond is an extremely tough job for most. Mini diggers are powerful and manoeuvre in small spaces with ease. They can back up, turn around and even change direction in areas with limited space, making it easy to excavate a pond of just about any size.

7. Plumbing Jobs

For commercial and residential plumbing projects even, you cannot do better than a mini digger and driver hire. You never know what you might have to come across during an excavation. So, you need to have such a tool at hand that could quickly adjust according to your needs. Mini diggers do just that. They come with a wide range of versatile tools so that you can perform several jobs with ease.

For any excavation need, you should opt for mini digger and driver hire to ensure that the job is done well. For the best mini digger services, contact sandj-mini-diggers.co.uk if you are located in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and East and West Sussex areas.

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