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Garden Landscape Case Study

Our clients had an end plot of land next to their original house that was underutilised and inefficiently structured. They desired a comprehensive transformation to expand their living space, while also creating a beautiful, functional outdoor area. The idea was to build a new house on the plot, while also constructing a landscaped garden, a new fencing system, raised flower beds, and an outdoor garden bar.

The Challenge

The plot of land presented several challenges. First, it was an end plot, meaning it was limited by existing structures on three sides. 

The land was also uneven and would require significant groundwork and levelling. 

Moreover, there was a demand for high-quality aesthetics and functionality, meaning the project had to blend well with the existing house while introducing new design elements.


The project resulted in a remarkable transformation. The previously underutilised end plot was converted into a stunning new home with beautifully landscaped gardens. 

The fencing, raised bedding containers, and garden bar not only increased the aesthetic appeal of the property but also its functionality. 

The owners now enjoy an expanded living space and a wonderful outdoor area, perfectly suited for hosting, relaxation, and outdoor enjoyment.

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