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Mini Digger Hire Chelmsford

Hiring a mini digger in Chelmsford from S&J Mini diggers brings many advantages; you'll be able to quickly and easily complete any groundwork job such as digging drainage, creating a car park, or cleaning away tree roots. S&J takes the stress out of Mini Digger Hire Chelmsford by providing an experienced operator with each mini digger hired.

Type of jobs that can be completed with a Mini Digger

Mini diggers are very useful machines which are widely used in the construction and landscaping industries. They can make light work of otherwise backbreaking jobs.

Whether you own a commercial property and are looking to build a car park and landscape the surrounding area or are a homeowner that requires a new patio, driveway, drainage, or general clearance or tree root removal, S&J can help!


Mini diggers are commonly used for excavation tasks. If you're looking to prepare your garden for landscaping or you want to level out your ground to create a new patio, driveway, or flower bed, a mini digger will be able to move large amounts of soil and break through tough grass.

Digging holes

Whether you're looking to dig a pit, create drainage channels, or create a pond or swimming pool, hiring a mini digger with an operator is the best solution. If you're planning to build a new fence around your property and garden, you'll need to dig holes for each fence post. A mini digger is the best way to get the job done.

Building foundations

A mini digger will allow you to have the foundations for a patio or extension dug out in no time. You can create the footings for building projects and fill them with concrete on the same day.

Removing Structures

A mini digger can also be used to demolish small buildings or structures in your garden. This may be a garden shed, walls, or a greenhouse, that you're no longer using.

Waste Management

During construction jobs, however minor, there will be a surprising amount of waste produced. This may be piles of construction materials, rubble or soil, weeds, and tree roots that need moving.

Having construction or garden waste building up on your property can be inconvenient and dangerous. With a mini digger and experienced operator, you'll be able to clear away the waste efficiently. You can either hire a skip to get rid of the rubbish or use garden soil to re-landscape your grounds and create rolling hills surrounding your property. Getting your garden cleared will free up your time so that you can work on the project itself.

S&J Mini Diggers: Mini Digger Hire Chelmsford

If you're searching for mini digger hire in Chelmsford or the surrounding areas, don't hesitate to contact S&J Mini diggers. We provide mini diggers in various sizes, from ¾ to one and a half tons with an experienced operator. We also work with landscapers and small building firms and our mini diggers can dig holes up to a depth of 2.3 meters. There will be no hidden costs and delivery, insurance, VAT and operation is included in the price.

Make your project a reality! Call S&J Mini diggers today on 07900 133755 daytime or 01737246 709 evenings for mini digger hire Chelmsford.

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