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Mini digger and driver hire

Mini digger and driver hire can be much less expensive than one might assume. By hiring a mini digger with a driver, you will probably find that you are actually going to save time and money on your construction project. The name ‘mini digger’ can be misleading. Mini diggers are not small pieces of equipment. The smallest mini digger available to hire is around 0.75 tonnes in weight, which is about the weight of a cow. This sort of equipment can be difficult to manoeuvre in small, hard to reach areas or in residential developments as they can cause a lot of damage if not used properly.

By having a fully qualified and experienced operator to drive the mini digger, you can save yourself the stress of potential health and safety dramas or accidents, and you’ll find that the job gets done a lot faster by a professional than if you tried to have a go yourself.

Mini digger and driver hire

Mini diggers are a fantastic piece of equipment for any type of groundworks. At S&J Mini Diggers, we have a vast range of sizes to suit your excavation needs. The type of mini digger you need depends on the site that you want it to work on. The smallest mini digger that we have available is the 0.75-tonne mini digger. This particular mini digger is so small that it can fit through a standard doorway, meaning that it can be used in space-restricted areas, where it might be difficult to remove walls or fence panels to fit machinery through. It’s lightweight causes minimal damage to the surrounding environment and it can excavate harder to reach spots. Despite its small size, it can dig to a depth of around 1.8 metres, making it a great choice for landscaping.

The breaker attachment means that it can smash through concrete and remove it to a skip. You can also use this mini digger to move heavy items like bags of cement, gravel or soil around your site. This saves you hours of manual labour, therefore cutting down on the number of labourers needed and ultimately on the cost.

Our most popular mini digger is the 1.5-tonne mini digger, which weighs the equivalent of a giraffe, or 1.5 cars. This particular mini digger can excavate up to 2.3 metres and is a great choice for utility works. It is probably one of the more versatile mini diggers that we have available for hire as it is powerful, yet can fit through a relatively small gap (around 40 inches) making it suitable for projects in and around residential properties. Like the smaller mini diggers, it can use a breaker attachment to break up areas of paving or concrete and can easily remove waste products to a skip.

A further benefit of the smaller mini diggers like the 1.5 tonnes and the 0.75-tonne mini diggers is that they can easily be moved to other sites on a trailer, making your rental more cost effective if you need to use them on multiple sites. At S&J Mini Diggers, we have a full range of sizes of mini digger available, and we can advise you on what will work best for your particular project. We can also provide dumper truck and driver hire if required.

At S&J Mini Diggers, all of our mini digger and driver hire is charged at a flat rate. There are no hidden charges and we are completely transparent in our pricing policy. All mini digger hire prices include a driver, insurance, a fully maintained mini digger and VAT. We understand that sometimes jobs can take longer than expected due to factors outside of the project manager’s control. For example, bad weather or an unexpected site problem may delay work.

This is not a problem, (subject to availability) and you will always be clear on how much you will need to pay should you need the mini digger for longer than expected. This will help you with your budgeting when planning your groundworks. When comparing the cost of our mini digger and driver hire with our local and national competitors, be sure to get a like for like quote. Many companies will purposely exclude the VAT to make their prices look more attractive. Feel free to check our reviews as our customer testimonies will vouch for the value that our mini digger and driver hire offers.

If you are interested in mini digger and driver hire in the South East area, we cover Kent, Essex, Sussex and London. We are available for a chat about your mini digger and driver hire needs on the phone between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. You can also use our online form to request a call back about your project. Getting an expert opinion on your mini digger needs is much safer and more cost-effective than trying to hire a mini digger without trade knowledge. For example, hiring the wrong weight mini digger could cause damage to the site and even to neighbouring properties, which could be very expensive to put right.

If you hire a mini digger that is too wide, you will struggle to manoeuvre it and will probably need to remove walls or fences to access the site, which again could be expensive. If you hire a mini digger that is not wide enough, you could have stability problems and damage the digger and cause injury to any workers on site. A mini digger that is too small will also take longer to get the job done and thus will cost you more to hire. By seeking our expert opinion we can help you to get the job done quickly, safely and professionally.


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