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Digger Hire in Bromley

Diggers are a perfect solution when you have some construction jobs in Bromley. If you have some construction work to undertake, it will be cheaper to hire diggers than to purchase digging machinery, tools, and equipment. Mini diggers are the best option if you have a small project. They'll save you money, work faster, are convenient, and very affordable.

S & J Mini Diggers has been in this industry for over a decade and would be your best option if you are in Bromley. Our excavators and digger are reliable, extremely powerful, and highly versatile. We also have a wide range of attachments that can make our machines act as transporters, borers, pulverisers, and diggers.

However, before you hire a mini digger, there are certain factors you need to consider. These factors include:

The Size of Your Project

The size of your projects determines the amount of digging to be done, earth to be moved, and the type of equipment that can accomplish the job. Hiring heavy-duty equipment for small jobs can prove very costly. Likewise, hiring small digging equipment to perform difficult tasks may lead to their damage.

At S & J Mini Diggers in Bromley, we'll assess your project and decide which equipment is most appropriate and economical to use. For example, the depth of your excavation will determine what excavator to hire.

Project Area Restrictions

In deciding which digging equipment to hire, you must consider how the equipment will reach the work area. It's true that bigger machines are powerful and can complete the project faster.

However, the space you have might not accommodate such a machine. When you hire experts from S & J Mini Diggers, they'll visit the job site and determine which type of equipment can fit in the space. If the space is small, there will be no option but to use a small excavator, even if it takes longer.

Our excavators can be used on a variety of projects including:

  • Removal of tree stumps
  • Hole digging
  • Snow ploughing
  • Landscaping
  • Making trenches
  • Creating ditches for irrigation
  • Sewer line installation and repairs
  • Excavation for garden ponds
  • Demolishing small buildings and sheds

The above list is by no means comprehensive. If your project isn't listed above, contact us so we can discuss it.

Ground Type

The ground condition is important when deciding which digging equipment and accessories to hire. Some areas are soft, while others have hard rocks. You may also want to dig in a watery ground or a dry ground. Let the experts help you decide which equipment is most appropriate for the type of ground you are dealing with.

Our equipment guarantees safety, no matter the nature of your working site. They are also highly maneuverable, giving operators ultimate control and 360-degree visibility.

Utility Services

Utility services such as underground power lines, sewer lines, and water transmission systems can be damaged during excavations. That's why before you call a digger, find out where there are some underground utilities in the area you want dug. We advise you consult your utility providers before you call us.


The cost of hiring digging equipment will depend on the type of equipment you hire and how long your project will take. Of course, hiring powerful equipment that gets the job done quickly is more-cost-effective than hiring small equipment; the factors discussed above must also come into play.

It is only the S & J Mini Diggers experts that can help you pick the best and affordable digging equipment. Call us today so we can give you the way forward.

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