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With its easy links to both London and Europe, Kent is an ideal place to invest in property. With house prices rapidly rising, one way to make an investment in Kent is to make home improvements by landscaping an overgrown garden, or by building an extension or even by adding a swimming pool or hot tub to your existing property.

digger and driver hire kent

In order to do this, you will need the right machinery to excavate the ground to get the job started and the right machinery to move heavy waste products and construction materials around the site.

Even if your construction site is small, moving rubble and bags of cement by hand is a backbreaking and laborious process. The use of a mini digger can cut this task down dramatically and save damaging your back. Equally, the use of a mini digger to dig out an area in the ground will make light work of a task that could take days if you did it by hand.

If you are looking for digger and driver hire in Kent, then contact S&J Mini Diggers for help with your upcoming construction project.

All of our mini digger and driver hire Kent comes with a qualified and experienced mini digger operator. Having an experienced operator is important to make sure that your project goes smoothly. You won’t have to waste time learning the controls of the mini digger, which can be a daunting task for someone inexperienced.

Whilst our diggers are ‘mini’, they are actually all between 0.75 and 7 tonnes in weight and could become quite dangerous in inexperienced hands.

Our mini digger operators will be able to safely manoeuvre the mini digger through the tightest possible spaces and operate the mini digger in limited space areas. This not only allows you to be safe in the knowledge that our trained operators will get the job done quickly and with health and safety in mind, but also you can be safe in the knowledge that our digger and driver will be fully insured if any accidents do happen.

Our mini digger equipment is fully maintained to the highest standard to make sure that the use of this heavy machinery is safe for all involved.

For your Kent digger and driver needs, S&J Mini Diggers have a mini digger to suit your needs. We have a range of different diggers available, and what you will need will largely depend on the job that you have in mind.

We stock mini diggers from the very smallest on the market, right up to the larger end of mini diggers. We also have dumper trucks, and we can supply breakers on some of the mini diggers if required.

The smallest mini digger that we have is known as the baby mini digger, which is a 0.75-tonne digger. It is so small that it can fit through a standard door or gate, meaning that there is no need to remove the wall to get the digger to where it needs to be.

This kind of baby mini digger is perfect for small spaces and can move around in hard to reach areas. This can be used indoors and outdoors due to its size, and it perfect for any kind of residential development due to the minimal amount of damage it will cause to the surrounding areas like floors, walls etc.

It is a very small digger, but it is effective at excavation work, with an ability to dig up to a depth of 1.8 meters. It can come with a breaker attachment, so it can be used to break up concrete areas and for the removal of concrete waste into a skip.

One of our more popular mini diggers is the slightly larger 1.5-tonne mini digger. This particular piece of machinery is a popular choice for any job because it is extremely versatile and durable. It can fit through fairly small gaps over 40 inches yet can still excavate to a decent depth of around 2.3 metres.

This makes the 1.5-tonne mini digger a popular choice for utility works and garden clearance. It’s lighter weight than most diggers means that it is often chosen for use within a residential development due to the fact it is unlikely to cause damage to the environment around the area that needs to be excavated, provided it is operated by one of our trained drivers.

This kind of digger is also relatively easy to move around sites, should you need to use it in more than one area, but we can advise you on this if you are working on a multi-site basis.

This mini digger can also be used with a breaker for the removal of driveways, pathways and other areas where concrete needs to be broken up and removed.

For all your digger and driver needs in Kent, contact S&J Mini Diggers for advice on what digger will be best for your chosen project. We have years of expert knowledge gained from huge amounts of experience within the construction trade.

Our mini diggers are fully maintained and insured, and our drivers are trained and experienced operators, who will work with you and the space available to get the job done.

We have a full range of mini diggers on offer, including the larger and more heavy-duty mini diggers that might be required for larger construction jobs. We also offer the hire of dumper trucks with a driver, which we can also advise you on when you contact us.

We are available for contact 9am to 5pm seven days a week, and you can also contact us via our website for a call back to discuss your mini digger and driver hire needs.


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