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Digger and Driver Hire Essex

Essex is a great place to live, and there is no need to move away from your home when you can upgrade it to meet the specification that you desire. In order to do this, you will inevitably need to hire machinery to construct the dream.

Digger and Driver hire Essex 

Digger and Driver hire in Essex is available from S&J Mini Diggers, who can ensure that you have the correct mini digger needed for the project at hand. We don’t just loan mini diggers and dumper trucks; our services include a professional operator to drive and control the mini digger to get the job done safely and effectively.

Our operators and our machines are fully insured, to give you peace of mind that your job will be completed to the highest possible standard, no matter what. Having a professional operator is much more cost-effective than trying to operate the machinery yourself. This is because our operators are qualified and have years of experience, meaning that they will cause much less damage to the surrounding area than someone inexperienced at controlling heavy-duty machinery.

Additionally, our skilled operators will be much faster at completing the job as they know all the quirks of each of the diggers we supply, meaning that they won’t waste time learning how the controls work, as an inexperienced operator might.

Many people use mini diggers in Essex because they are having to work within a restricted space. Our operators will be able to make clear judgements about which mini diggers and accessories are needed for the job at hand and will be able to manoeuvre the equipment within the space available.

We have mini diggers suitable for any space, and our operators will be able to fit mini diggers even through a standard garden gate, meaning that there will be much less mess and damage to worry about – no need to remove fence panels to fit our mini diggers into your garden.

The mini digger you need, when looking for digger and driver hire Essex, largely depends on the job you need the digger to do and the space that is available for the digger to work in.

At S&J Mini Diggers, we have diggers ranging from the baby 0.75 tonnes mini digger, right up to 1.5 tonnes mini diggers and beyond. We have larger mini diggers available, and we can discuss your personal needs with you when you contact us.

The smallest digger that we have available for hire is the perfectly compact 0.75 tonnes mini digger. Even though its small, it is very powerful. It is particularly suited to a limited space, or where a mini digger is needed to fit through a standard doorway or gate without causing damage to the area it needs to pass.

Whilst it is narrow, this 0.75 baby mini digger can excavate up to 1.8 metres depth, which is suitable for many residential building projects. This particular digger is great for garden landscaping and can be used to move heavy objects around with ease. It does not require much space for manoeuvring, so it can work in tight spots and hard to reach spaces. With the breaker attachment, it can even break up areas of concrete for removal.

Our middle-sized digger is 1.5 tonnes. It is extremely durable and versatile and can fit through a gap of around 40 inches. It can dig to a depth of 2.3 metres, making it perfect for utility works and for digging foundations. It needs a little more room to move around than the baby 0.75 tonnes mini digger, but its extra depth abilities make it a good choice for general construction work for smaller extensions and for the quick digging of larger areas for swimming pools.

This digger is also available with a breaker, meaning that driveways and paving can be quickly excavated ready for resurfacing. It can make light work of shifting heavy objects, and can quickly fill skips with waste products from the excavation process that would be quite laborious to do by hand.

Here at S&J Mini Diggers, we can supply you with larger and more heavy-duty mini diggers, depending on the job that you have in mind. We can use our expert knowledge from the construction trade to advise you on the equipment needed to get your building or landscaping project underway.

We can also provide you with dumper trucks to move materials and waste products around easily and effectively. Hiring this machinery is much more cost-effective than purchasing and running your own mini digger.

One of the benefits of hiring a mini digger rather than purchasing one is that we maintain and service our mini diggers regularly to the highest possible standards, making sure that all of our mini diggers are functioning with optimum performance levels. This makes our mini diggers work better for you, and make them safer for your construction site.

If you are looking for digger and driver hire in Essex, do not hesitate to contact S&J Mini Diggers for advice on the best machinery for your project. By hiring fully-maintained mini diggers, you get the best and safest performance for your excavation needs.

Our fully-insured and trained operators will ensure that your project is completed quickly and carefully and will advise you on the best equipment for your needs. We have a range of sizes available meaning that we can cater for virtually any space, even in small gardens with very little room for manoeuvre. S&J Mini Diggers can be contacted by phone both day and night, and you can also use our online contact form for a call back about your excavation project.


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